Infection Preventionist Specialized Training – IPCO

This specialized AHCA/NCAL training is for health care professionals who want to serve as Infection Preventionists as established in the CMS Reform of Requirements of Participation for Long-Term Care Facilities.



Infection Preventionist Specialized Training – IPCO (Version 2)



Content: AHCA/NCAL and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have an outstanding course to help your facility operationalize CMS requirements for Infection Prevention & Control through the leadership of an Infection Preventionist.  CMS and AHCA recommend that skilled nursing facilities have at least two trained individuals to serve as Infection Preventionists. This education is essential to help lead your organization to a high standard of care while effectively implementing and managing an infection prevention and control program at your skilled nursing or assisted living center. Administrators benefit from this education as well to help strengthen a successful infection prevention and control culture.