NHCLC Training and Testing Locations

Nebraska Nursing Facility Association and Nebraska Assisted Living Association member organizations may apply to become a training or testing site for nurse aide and medication aide students. This partnership allows skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities to offer nurse aide or medication aide classes at their building. The satellite location can choose to host either all in-person training or hybrid (online plus in-person) training for either medication aides or nurse aides.

To begin the process of becoming an NHCLC training or testing location, contact [email protected]. Nebraska Health Care Learning Center will seek site approval through Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. The approval process takes approximately 2-6 weeks.

If you are already an approved site and would like to set up a new training or testing event, email [email protected]

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Students have the opportunity to tour NHCLC training and testing locations before enrolling. Contact NHCLC for more information.

List of State-Approved NHCLC Testing and Training Locations

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